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Why the Investors Express Track for a Gambling Election?


Speculation – Who will run the train wreck and can pay the fare?


Speculation – Cedar Rapids Station will be where?


Don’t whistle brakes

For Linn County Gambling??


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The Real Deal

Cedar Rapids Activist

The Real Deal


“Jennalyn Schilke started going to Station casinos at age 7, romping in the Kids Quest child centers while her parents went to the casino floors.

Now 23, she’s still a Station regular. You can often find her playing the slots at Station’s Fiesta Henderson.”


Only a fool would bet a Cedar Rapids casino will draw “1million tourists” a year. Cedar Rapids will never be destination station. A Cedar Rapids Gambling Station will prey on locals for generations to come.

Teach your children well with

Linn County Gambling


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Just do the research on the players on both sides and make your own choices!

Cedar Rapids Activist

Come On In and Gamble


Local governments have taken the bait

A 20 year monopoly on casino gambling in Linn County

A 3% minimum required by law return to the community

City owned real estate for their casino at an undetermined amount

Steve Gray and the Casino Gang say it is all about jobs, fun and entertainment

“A Cedar Rapids attorney was disbarred this week for taking $800,000 from client accounts that was used for her “gambling addiction,” according to disbarment documents filed Wednesday with the Iowa Supreme Court.”


If tragedy is the entertainment you crave, you will get it with

Linn County Gambling

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Casino or CasiNO


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Is it me or is there always some kind of ‘special election’ going on in Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

The last time it was the Local Option Sales Tax Extension for ten years.  The time before that the Local Option Sales Tax for twenty years, and before that the Local Option Sales Tax

I voted in favor of the first Local Option Sales Tax but after seeing the money go for things that tax money should have already covered, instead of gong for what the taxpayers intended for it to be used for, rebuilding flood damaged homes, property tax relief, and property acquisitions. I worked closely with the opposition to defeat the extension. 

What do the ‘Vote Yes Linn County‘ campaign and the ‘Vote Yes Local Option Sales Tax‘  have in common?  Backers, supporters, people who are good at going out and getting signatures on a petition but have no skill at all at getting people to vote or to care enough to vote.  

Ninety percent of the information about the investors has been disclosed.  The location of the casino has been revealed and if the voters will allow it, a casino will be built in the flood zone on the west bank in Downtown Cedar Rapids.

The most compelling argument the “Vote Yes Casino” has made is that the opposition is funded by outside casinos who just “don’t want us to have our own casino”.

One thing is for certain.  People like to gamble and they will travel great distances to do so. The other casinos have made it difficult for the grassroots opposition in this election. In my opinion., the grassroots opposition, that has beat the last two Local Option Sales Tax elections with very little money, is split in this election. 

Even  the moral arguments surrounding gambling are being argued. Would another casino saturate the state or would it cause the outside casinos to fold?  Perhaps it would create payout through competition we won’t know until the election is over and the Racing and Gaming Commission goes over the license.  

If I were the gambling type, and I am not, I would bet that the casino proposal will pass in Linn County given the argument and resistance coming from outside casinos. 

The  land the investors propose was purchased  through the “voluntary property acquisition” with Community Development Block Grant money after the 2008 flood.  Seems convenient to me that nearly the whole west bank was wiped clean to make way for the “Preferred Plan” and that the plan could include a casino. 


To visit the website describing how the city property was purchased click here: http://crgis.cedar-rapids.org/CR-Progress/FlexViewer/index.html 

Even if the casino measure is passed it still has to go up against another barrier at the state level.  For me, it’s just another way for the government to partner up with the local elites to profit off of the people. On the surface, it sounds like it might be a good idea, but the devil is in the details.  If the casino measure doesn’t pass it won’t be the end of the world for Cedar Rapids but it might put an end to the special elections, at least for a  while.


Cedar Rapids Activist

Vote 2014: Culver Eyeing Rematch with Branstad

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Ready for a rematch? Former Iowa Gov. Chet Culver is considering another run for the state’s top office, challenging Republican Gov. Terry Branstad in 2014. “I’m certainly keeping my options open,” the one-term Democrat said recently.  Some Iowa Republicans were quick to express doubt the former high school teacher will run in 2014, but Branstad spokesman Tim Albrecht said the possibility is one “we take very seriously.”
Culver, 46, believes he had a great record of accomplishment from 2007-11 and is receiving encouragement to run again.  “Quite a bit, actually,” said Culver, who now leads The Culver Group that provides strategic consulting to public and private sector entities, primarily on renewable energy issues.
“At the supermarket, people come up to me and tell me I should run again,” he said. “I’m encouraged by the level of…

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Mr. & Mrs. Rogers Downtown District Neighborhood


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It’s a Beuuutifull Day In Their Neighborhood

Not So For the Rest of Cedar Rapids Taxpayers

“The thought behind the talk is to turn the downtown into a seven-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day neighborhood to use and spend time in, not to rush into and then flee once the workday is done.


Those in Cedar Rapids Downtown District work hard. They work hard thinking up ways to make their neighborhood better and scheming to make all the other neighborhoods pay for their dreams.When you are stuck trying to get across Cedar Rapids by four way stop signs and backed up cars along nearly vacant bike lanes, don’t get mad. Get justice on election day. Throw out those who consider the rest of Cedar Rapids second class in all but tax assessments.

Cedar Rapids will smell a lot better if you do.


For CR Smells, truly it does.

Bringing the Riviera to the Rapids on the Cedar


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monte carlo

Monte Carlo Marcia

“CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Opponents of a proposal to build a gaming casino in Cedar Rapids or the metro area are organizing and are on the move as the local petition drive by casino backers pushes ahead with a May 7 target date for a referendum on gaming in Linn County.

In recent weeks, the opposition has surfaced by way of a phone survey designed to assess how voters in Linn County felt about the Cedar Rapids casino proposal of an investor group led by Cedar Rapids businessman Steve Gray.”


Those who control those who claim they represent you in local government want to open a casino. Of course, the Linn County Board of Supervisors and Cedar Rapids City Council have voted to support a casino. More is involved than heeding their masters voice.

Like the mob during the golden age of Vegas, local government will get to skim the take. There are some things money can’t buy.

Those backing a Cedar Rapids casino have been used to compliant, local government governing boards doing their bidding. The Cedar Rapids Downtown District crowd has drawn two deuces when what they want requires a referendum. Will their casino end  up like their extended sales tax?

“Most upsetting, Rogers said, was a question that pointed out that Steve Gray had been an executive at the former McLeodUSA telecommunications firm at a time more than a decade ago when shareholders lost millions of dollars.”

Marcia Rogers is leading Vote Yes this time. Marcia gets mad if you point out any unpleasant facts. Will Marcia Rogers friends and family in local government and the Chamber make the casino referendum a yes?

Well funded players have come to town for Cedar Rapids big casino game. They are not selling watered stock. Their checks will not bounce.

Those locals have used a shaved deck to help themselves to taxpayer’s money. Those ruling Cedar Rapids may get trimmed on a referendum again.

Herman Rosenthal


Maine Election Map Mishap

What is going on with Google Maps and the Maine elections and why were maps with Maine’s results posted a day before they were supposed to be? When this map appeared on Facebook Google suddenly ‘cleared’ it.

Note the times*

No one in the mainstream media is talking about this!  Watch the Maine elections tonight and see if the numbers match the results posted prematurely yesterday!