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And then there were four.  Santorum, Gingrich, Romney, and Paul took to the stage last night in South Carolina for the states primary tomorrow.  I can only hope the people of South Carolina aren’t as brainwashed by the lamestream media as the people of Iowa and New Hampshire are.

Lamestream media drug Herman “The 999” Cain through the mud for making moves on the ladies while Newt stands there with his plastic silicone wife who never says a word.  Is this the woman who bed the married man while his wife was stricken with cancer? Does she have any dignity at all?  Who is she and what kind of first lady would she make? Does she have any children? She certainly isn’t old enough to have any grandchildren. And Newt’s children? What kind of kids are they to talk about their mother in the way that they did? Is this wife even their mother?  I mean if Newt’s wife can’t trust him neither can we.

Character is a huge factor in this presidential race because we are in a time where things have just spiraled out of control.  I mean we have a private owned company called the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air!

Romney, I will give Romney credit, he has a nice looking family and their stories are nice but I can’t help but wonder what he would do in a time of crisis. He seems very nervous about reporting his taxes and doesn’t seem to stand on any real principles at all. I mean the Commander and Chief should know the Constitution inside and out.

Santorum is a character all on his own.  When I saw him at the Longbranch in Marion Iowa I have to admit he was funny at first but we were able to speak with him one on one and his answers alarmed me.  He thinks that all Muslims are radicals and that the occupy movement is a communist movement.  He agreed that corporations weren’t people but I don’t recall him ever mentioning the Constitution. I am offended that Newt would have the audacity to ask Santorum to drop out of the race when he couldn’t even place in the top three in Iowa. Santorum coming in first in Iowa was a shock to me and I live here!

The only candidate who knows the Constitution is Ron Paul.  Our families are as important to Ron Paul and his family as our own family is to us. You can feel it when you’re in a room with them.  Ron Paul is the only candidate talking about the issues that have destroyed American families for generations.  America locks up more people in the world – even more than China (who btw has a much larger population)! Our entire system is broke and our federal government has turned into a tyranny.  Our monetary system is flawed and we are up to our eyeballs in blood around the world in unconstitutional wars.

I hope and pray that the people of South Carolina chose liberty and lamestream media will have to report Ron Paul as their winner.  The question I have is if Ron Paul won, would they report it? Mainstream media should lose any and all credibility after this presidential election. They have proven they don’t have our best interests at heart and that they would rather us lose our homes and our liberty than do what’s right.

Newt Gingrich cannot beat Obama.

Mitt Romney cannot beat Obama.

Rick Santorum cannot beat Obama.

Ron Paul can beat Obama.