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Okay its’ taken me some time to calm down after the caucus and since the official official numbers are still aren’t out I don’t know how I am going to react to the whole outcome. 

First of all it’s important that people understand that we have a caucus and that a caucus is like a straw poll in the sense that the votes aren’t technically counted for anything.  What does come from the caucus process is delegates.  There are county delegates, state delegates, and these delegates are who really count in the end.  

I signed up to be a delegate on all levels.  I am going all the way to the top for my candidate.  Eighty-five dollars is a small price to pay for the future of this country in the broader scope of things.  I see things differently than many others and I am hopeful that I could persuade people to come around to thinking differently about what is going on around the world and in our own back yard so see if we can come to some kind of consensus about how we are going to approach the whole ordeal. 

This is the deal.  I know people who are in the military and who have gone overseas to fight for our freedom when we have been stripped of our freedoms. Our troops were off in other lands bombing in the name of democracy while our own government wrote bills to detain us without due process or just cause.  This while building drone factories in our back yards. 

I gave up cable two years ago.  I barely get local channels now and after the writer strike I pretty much stick with Youtube videos, face to face encounters, and internet websites that I trust for news.  I don’t trust the mainstream media anymore.  They have betrayed us for far too long with their biased news that caters to the 1% and war propaganda.

An under-ware bomber gets a fair trial and two Americans get executed without due process?  Since when did our President have the authority to assassinate American citizens without due process?  Where have our civil liberties gone under the first African American President of the United States? Out the window – that’s where! I hope people wake up and smell the coffee because we are in big big trouble and we are up a creek without a paddle if we don’t start looking at the one guy that can beat Obama, Ron Paul.


Top Ten Reasons Why I Won’t Vote for Monica Vernon for Congress

Monica Vernon will not get my vote!

Cedar Rapids Activist

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Monica Vernon.  I have many  reasons I will not vote for Monica Vernon.  Here are my top ten:

1.  Monica Vernon blocked me on Facebook.  When I asked her why she told me that I was “too negative” and then added that I was the only person she has blocked.   If Monica can’t handle my commentary on local matters how will she treat people when it comes to state/national issues?  Will she just ignore the people in her district when she doesn’t agree with them?   Will she block you, your parents, or other lawmakers?  Her skin is not  thick enough for the position.
2.  Monica Vernon lied to Cedar Rapids citizens when she advocated for the Local Option Sales Tax. She told the Gazette that “It’s all for housing” and the Gazette later clarified that “90% of the revenue…

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The City of Cedar Rapids, IA, Did Not Ensure a Competitive Procurement Process and Did Not Properly Execute Its CDBG Disaster Recovery-Funded Contracts


Cedar Rapids Activist


From Lisa Kuzela to Cedar Rapids to local media –

Attached is the May 6, 2013 HUD Office of Inspector General Report.

It states “The State did not monitor the City’s voluntary property acquisition program in accordance with its approved Disaster Recovery action plans. Its monitoring checklists did not include all of its procurement requirements, such as cost reasonableness and all required contract provisions.”

In other words, the City of Cedar Rapids has done whatever they wanted, and the State turned a blind eye. Could it possibly have something to do with the local relationships at the state level?

I don’t care to know why you didn’t cover this huge issue; I just want our local news media to start informing the public on what is really going on in this town.

Once the fraud and illegalities crash in on our town, our local…

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Railroading a Corridor of Hegemony

Cedar Rapids Activist

Railroading a Corridor of


Berlin to Baghdad

Cedar Rapids to Iowa City“The railway from Berlin-Vienna-Constantinople led through Belgrade, Nish and Sofia. The control of Servia, as of Bulgaria, was, therefore, essential to Germany for carrying out the Hamburg to Baghdad project, the very core of Pan-Germanism.”

“But what about that idea of a Cedar Rapids-Iowa City rail line? It would give the thousands of people who commute daily on Interstate 380 another option and possibly ease congestion on the crowded roadway.

It also would provide a boost to public transportation, the environmental movement and the Creative Corridor initiative calling for more regionalism.”

Studies and just a cursory observation show that restoring passenger rail service between Cedar Rapids currently makes no economic sense. Still, those crying for a Corridor Empire and their Forth Estate friends dredge up once more what should be a non issue.”Unified government in…

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Worship Those Who by Taxation Falsely Profit

Down with the Mayor of CRST

Cedar Rapids Activist

Worship Those Who by Taxation Falsely Profit

Worship_Cedar_RapidsCedar Rapids, Iowa: The new city gateway sign is 42 feet long and features an 18-foot-tall vertical panel of a downtown skyline, Cedar Rapids’ name atop an image of one of the downtown bridges and stone formations and native plantings at its base.
It’s hard to see the stone and landscaping for the chain link.

The taxpayers of Cedar Rapids paid over $156,000 to erect a monument of misplaced faith. Praise be to the forces of nature that keep obscuring it with weeds.
The sign is not representative of the entire community. Nowhere on this sign does it say welcome. When visitors come to Cedar Rapids, they are not welcomed. The spires of Downtown stand as temples telling all where they should worship the powers that be.

All that matters to the elite ruling Cedar Rapids is the Downtown District. Downtown has…

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Antiwar Activist Adam Kokesh Facing Federal Gun Charges for Act of Civil Disobedience

Adam Kokesh is a antiwar activist who committed an act of civil disobedience he should be freed as soon as possible

Cedar Rapids Activist

We live in some dangerous times.  But, no one lives in more dangerous times than the revenue generating police who have to meet quotas.  The only reason it’s more dangerous for the police to continue business as usual is because there are video cameras everywhere.  We live in times where the police have been caught on tape screaming profanity at suspects, beating people up,  planting drugs, killing dogs, and even killing unarmed civilians.

Adam Kokesh is not just anyone.  He is well-known around the world.  He is a Youtube personality and did the video more on a dare than anything.  Adam Kokesh is an antiwar activist who made a video of himself loading a gun on Freedom Plaza.
I have been an Adam Vs. The Man listener for a couple of years.  I miss hearing him on his podcastAdam Kokesh is pro-constitution and antiwar. …

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Three Card Monte Disaster Money


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Three Card Monte Disaster Money 

For more information contact:
Joe Joe
Prince Regent
Kingdom of Kingston
Mobile (666) 666-6666
Office (666) 666-6666

May 10, 2013, Time 9:75 A. M.

Kingdom Disappointed in Federal Funding Recommendation

KINGDOM OF KINGSTON, COUNTY OF LINN – May 10, 2013 – Much of the Kingdom of Kingston suffered damage during the June 2008 flood. The royal carriage, part of the parked on blocks on the palace grounds fleet, sustained $13 million in damage alone. The Kingdom worked to secure funds for this vehicle, but in 2010 FEMA halted the process. They denied the claim because the 1976 AMC Matador was inoperable at the time of the flooding disaster. The Kingdom appealed the issue.

Last year, FEMA headquarters determined the historic Matador Royal is eligible for funding. Kingdom staff has been working on this project for almost four years, providing out of print Chilton’s Manuals and submitting parts estimates from Auto Zone. After the Headquarters determination, the Kingdom applied to transfer the funds to an alternative project, paving the parking lot of the tavern next to the palace. A brother-in-law in waiting employed by the Iowa Beer and Liquor Control Department as well as FEMA supported this course of action.

On May 10, 2013, the Department of an Inspector General issued a Mismanagement Rectification Action Report recommending a reversal of FEMA’s decision and denial of funding for the project.

“The Kingdom of Kingston is disappointed the the Office of an Inspector General has objected to FEMA’s decision to fund the project,” said Joe Joe Prince Regent of the Kingdom. “We have been working with the Iowa Beer and Liquor Control Department and FEMA for years to secure the funding we need.”

FEMA has the opportunity to respond to the Office of an Inspector General in the coming months.

While the OIG’s objection to the 1976 AMC Matador restoration project is disappointing, other projects are moving along successfully,” Joe Joe said. “For example, FEMA has forgiven a $5 million disaster auto loan to purchase a 1995 Lincoln Town Car the Kingdom received shortly after the disaster.

For information on a 5-in-1 Scam follow this link:

FEMA From Evacuation to Eviction

Cedar Rapids Activist

I am excited to report that the garage I’ve complained about to the city, my family, friends, and neighbors on the 1400 block of 4th Street NW is finally gone. It will no longer serve as a convenient dumping ground and I will never have to wake up to the sound of demolition again. The demolitions are done around me!  The only remaining structures are blocks away from my house and I hope that I don’t have to hear them.
You would think I would be happy that this is almost over and that these rotting structures will finally be gone and I am. But I am still very unhappy about what happened to the west bank and I wonder how many people felt like they went fromevacuation to eviction?
50% of Hosting for your Website at!Before the flood we were undergoing intense inspections by the city because our community was approved for Weed…

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Contact Senator Hogg and tell him we don’t want any drones over our skies!

Cedar Rapids Activist

Senator Rob Hogg doesn’t have the time to consider SF 276 – He would rather surrender himself to the mercy of the drones…

It’s only a one page bill, but apparently having Senator Hogg sit down to read it and mull it over is too much to ask.

Please contact Senator Hogg, ask him to give SF276 the consideration it deserves and schedule a hearing ASAP.

Senator Robert Hogg (D- Cedar Rapids)

You see, Hogg is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Without Senator Hogg scheduling a committee hearing on SF 276, our common sense drone regulations are dead in the water.

With political leaders like Sen. Hogg being too lazy to consider a one page bill, it’s no wonder our country is in such bad shape.

That type of “leadership” is completely unacceptable.

Please contact Senator Hogg, ask him to give SF276 the consideration it deserves…

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Raw Milk and Traffic Cameras


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raw milk“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” ~Thomas Jefferson

It is a busy time at the Iowa Capitol.

Two things NEED your attention!



HSB 131 and SF 77 are re-introduced bills in the 2013 legislative session, which provide Iowans freedom to purchase milk directly from Iowa farmers, regardless of pasteurization and additional processing.

It is a pity that this is something we even need to fight for…But it is time to tell the Legislature just exactly how we feel about the regulation of raw-milk.

A hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 27 at 7:30AM, to consider HSB 131 and SF 77. A strong and clear message from the voters is the only thing which will compel politicians to respect our freedom.

Regardless of whether or not you–yourself–consume raw-milk, supporting this legislation advances measures and ideals toward a complete Iowa agricultural liberation.

Call to Action:

1) Contact members of the House Local Government Committee and tell them to support HSB 131

Rep. Art Staed (D)

Rep. Matt Windschitl (R)

Rep. Larry Sheets (R)

Rep. Phyllis Thede (D)

Rep. Jake Highfill (R)

You can find the complete House Local Government Committee here

2) Contact members of the Senate Agriculture Subcommittee and tell them to support SF77

Sen. Sandy Greiner (R)

Sen. Tod Bowman (D)

Sen. Joe Seng (D)

3) If you can, attend the Hearing at 7:30 on February 27th. The meeting will be held in the Judiciary Room 103 at the Iowa Capitol. 1007 East Grand Ave. Des Moines.


The Legislature is ignoring the majority of Iowans that are fed up with traffic cameras!

Banning the use of traffic cameras is a paramount concern of Liberty Iowa this legislative session. While over 50% of Iowans support the ban, the Legislature has not given this issue the attention it deserves.

Currently, S.F. 19 (a bill calling for the prohibition of traffic cameras in Iowa) has been assigned to a subcommittee, but has been ignored by our so-called political leaders.

Senators Danielson, Beall, and Behn form the transportation subcommittee for S.F. 19.

While the Senate does not seem eager to consider an all out ban on these tyrannical devices, it remains important for them to know that you and I won’t accept anything less.

Call to Action:

1) Contact the Senate Transportation Committee urging them to schedule a meeting time for the subcommittee to consider S.F. 19 immediately.

2) Sign this petition to be provided to the General Assembly, and wherever applicable, expressing your uncompromising disgust with the computerized police state.

Keep up the pressure and let the politicians know that there will be consequences for disregarding our freedom.